Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Sale Primark Haul!

Hey everyone,

As promised here is my haul of everything I get yesterday at Primark in Redditch. The aim was to get an outfit for my best friend's birthday party but I couldn't find anything and instead bought some everyday wear. :--)

These were both in the men's section. I would love to cut the sleeves off them, but I'm really scared I'd wreck them, so I think I'm just going to keep it how it is and wear a zipped hoodie on top or something. 
I really liked the print on both T-shirts so bought them both. 

These were both £8.00

Topshop do ones similar to this Tank top, but a lot more dearer, so I thought I'd go for the cheaper option and get this, haha! I might just wear this with leggings, or something plain as the top is the most eye-catching thing and I don't want too much, so some plain black leggings will do with this top. 

This was only £5.00 - Bargain! 

Just a plain scallop blouse I saw and thought might as well get it, I need some tops. 

This was £5.00

Another blouse I just picked up, I wasn't too sure on the colour, I'm not really into pink girly-girl kind of clothes and the collar is scallop patterned, think this could be great for the summer with shorts, still hesitant whether I like this or not. But hey-ho it was cheap.

It was £6.00

When I first saw this cardigan I loved it, thought it could possibly go with anything, and I didn't try it on, I just bought it straight away. WISH I TRIED IT ON!
This is a size 8 and the sleeves are fairly tight, I wish I got a bigger size like a size 12, even though I'm a size 6-8 just because I love oversized clothes. It is still nice though, and I will wear it.

This was £14.00

Oh yeah, I was amazed by the buttons for some weird reason, so randomly took a picture of the spare one. 

Boots that I thought I could wear with almost anything. 


A hat I bought a while ago, I only wear this when I have my extensions in (which isn't a lot) because with the length of my hair I look weird and my hair just flicks out so I end up looking like a russian hedgehog. Idk. But it's really furry and soft, and if it was reallllllly cold, I would probably wear it to bed, LOL. 

So yeah my haul. As I said: All of these things are from Primark, so if you like them, go get them. I can't believe how cheap they all are, aw gotta love Primark. In the end I finally found a dress that I've ordered online from Miss Guided

For £20.00 I got it in the 'Wine' colour, I'm having a spray tan also so I'm going to look nice and brown, I'll probably take a photo and upload it onto here. 

Here's the link:

Hope you're all well, take care.

I'm really sorry everyone! D:

Hey everyone,

My (late) new years resolution is to blog more, I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long, I do want to get really into it, so I'm going to start and I am going to blog about a haul I got yesterday at Primark, so watch this space. ;)

I do have quite a few exams lately, so I probably won't be able to blog as much as I want to, I have an exam tomorrow and the day after, so I should be revising but I CBA!

I know I only have 2 followers at the moment, so no one really cares what I post anyway (LOL) but it is a fun hobby? to get into. But as I said I'm really sorry, mainly to myself as I've always wanted to get into blogging, and here I am, haven't blogged since August... 5 MONTHS!


Anyway, hope everyone is well, take care!

Jess X

P.S I got a Nikon D3100 for my birthday, so my photos will be a lot better, and my Apple Mac is also in my room, so blogging shouldn't be a problem anymore! (I better stick to this) This is a picture of my camera:

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Awful August :-(

Okay, firstly I don't really want to say sorry for not posting recently because I don't think many of you understand what an awful month August has been, but just to be nice, I'M SORRY.

So this month has really been a roller coaster, so many happy moments and so many sad moments.
Lets start with dropping my Blackberry Curve 3G in the sea. For those who read one of my last posts you will know what I'm on about. I had it in my hoodie pocket which is a really stupid idea, and I jumped in the sea to get onto this little harbour thing and it just fell. I was DEVASTATED! I only had the phone since July 20th, luckily the first month of having my phone it came with 1st Month Free Insurance, and my parents only had to pay £50 for a new phone, so yeah now I have Blackberry #2!

Later on August on results day (25th August) I was so happy, because I'm only in year 10, I don't get all my GCSE results, but I got my Maths result online, and I somehow got an A! I was over the moon!
But then back on the sad times, later that day I found out my Grandad had passed away.

My grandad was 86, so he was old. He had cancer in his bones and brain. I was really upset and just completely forgot about my GCSE results. My other grandad died when I was really young, I must of been 2 or 3 years old. So now I don't have any Grandads. :(

Now I hate talking about what I am about to write because it really is tragic. But last weekend I went to Devon with my family to see if my family who live there were okay because my Grandad passing away and we had made funeral arrangements etc. On the way home from Devon my mum got a phone call of my Nan and told her that my second cousin, Ben Gautrey was in a tragic motorbike accident.

Ben Gautrey was 18years old, and was my second cousin on my mum's side. He was a motorbike racer and was really good at it. I never actually got to meet him, but I went to my Grandad's brothers house and he was showing me and my family Programmes of Ben racing that was on TV like on motorsports and sky sports that he had recorded. He came so far, and was a champion in everyone eyes, he won lots of races. I then found Ben on Facebook and messaged him explaining how I was related to him, and how I really enjoyed watching him racing. He was a really nice boy, he was only 16 at the time, and he was telling me how he had 6 Motorbikes!  I knew he was going to be big, he had sponsors and everything! As I've said I have never met him, but I will ALWAYS remember him.

On Bank Holiday Monday he was at Cadwell Park, on his debut season of 600cc Racing. (I think thats right?) on the first lap on a bit called 'Mountain' I think (I'm not sure if I'm correct) but he fell off his motorbike and two other motobikers unavoidably hit him, and caused a massive collision including 5 Motorbikers off their Motorbikes. The other 4 Motorbikers were uninjured, but Ben had head and chest injuries, he was took immediately to the medical bit, and an air ambulance came. Unfortunately, Ben didn't make it when the air ambulance did arrive.

Ben was way too young to die, he had a promising career ahead of him, but he died doing what he loved most. He always had a smile on his face, and so much determination for his passion, Motorbiking and My family and I are so proud of him. Him and his family have had loads of support, I have him and his sister, Jessica (16) on Facebook and there have been literally thousands of messages. Every morning and every night I have checked on Jessica's Facebook wall to see how she was coping. No word of lie, Ben and Jess... well and the whole family are true inspirations, their bravery is untrue. Ben's funeral is on Wednesday, the day after my Grandad's funeral. Unfortunately I can't go, due to my parents at work and just coming back from Devon to my grandad's funeral.

Rest In Peace Benjamin Gautrey and Grandad Ray <3

Hope everyone is well, and have a better month than I have.

Jess X

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spiffing Makeup Tutorials (MY VERSION!)

Recently, my friend Lauren and I watched Zoe and Louise's youtube video called 'Spiffing Makeup Tutorials (i.e. Look your worst) Here's the link:

We found it so funny! We honestly couldn't stop laughing at how serious they were, so we decided to have a go, and it was so good, we were laughing for hours!
I advise you to watch their video before you read on, you'll know what I mean!

We didn't record ours; we just took photos of each stage. 

So this is my completely natural as you can see, I'm really surprised I have the courage to upload this actually!

Lauren started to 'slap on' some nice, oily foundation that didn't match my skin tone.

On my lips too...

 She then put a range of different eye shadow colours on my eyes.

The lines on my forehead and eyebrows are apparently eyelashes, to make my eyelashes look really long. She was going for the housewife look, and wanted some tears, and she also put a cross on me to symbolise Christianity.

 She then went a bit mad on the blusher, giving the look I was embarrassed...

And then gave me some really nice juicy big lips with lip liner and lip stick.

Lauren then get confused, and wanted me to have a beard, she also coloured in my dimple, to 'emphasize' it. LOL. She also coloured in my eyebrows and gave me a 'sexual' monobrow.

She wanted to have the hard-working look, and gave me some bags under my eyes. This is the finished result.

Now it's my turn!

 This is my best friend Lauren, all natural - she looks so good without make-up it's unfair. :(

 I mixed some old dream matte mousse with moisturiser and put literally layers on her face, including lips!
 I then wanted to give her the 'sun-kissed' look, and slapped on a load of bronzer, and put an extra load on her cheeks and nose!

 I then started putting some colours on her eye, up to her eyebrow.

I put more eye shadows on her eye, using a big bold goldy-brown colour at the end!

 As you can see, she is really enjoying herself!
 I then put some gold eyeliner at the end of her eyes and top eyeliner, to make her eyes really eye-catching and bright!

I then put some eye shadows on her lower eyelashes, I coloured (well scribbling) in her eyebrows too.

I then gave her the heart lips look, and put a nice browny colour on her top lip and a bright glossy pink on the lower lip. This is the finished result, looking hot my friend!

This is us together; we both look so gorgeous if I say so myself, all the boys will be stopping us on the street with make-up like this. ;)

I hope our make-up has inspired you and you can do this look at home! It is fairly easy if you follow our steps.

This was one of my make-up wipes when taking it all off.. YUMMY!

I would be so happy if someone commented with some pictures of them looking their worst, and all credit goes to Zoe and Louise for giving us the idea to do this!

Hope you're all well!

Jess X

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Salcombe Holiday & R.I.P Blackberry.


So I haven't blogged in like a week or so because I was on holiday from the 11th August - 15th August. It was so fun.
I know everyone isn't too interested in what I did the whole four days, but I don't really care. Tehe.

Me and my three friends stayed at my Nan's house the whole time, we arrived at 13:15 on Thursday. On Friday we went to the beach and I dropped my phone in the sea as we were leaving, and now it's dead. I'm so upset and annoyed with myself. I have had it less than a month!


On Saturday night, we met these really nice lads, good looking too, unfortunately no pictures with them. That night we also went to a beautiful restaurant called Captain Flints. I had Pizza, nom-nom. :-)
On Sunday we was really sad that we had to leave and left at 18:50 and got home at 22:00.

I miss it so much, the weather wasn't very good, but we went to a different beach every day, and there was no arguments, WOO!

Here is some snap shots:
On Thursday, here is my three friends, we were waiting at our train station, feeling pretty excited!

On Friday, you can not really see us because I had to put the camera on self-timer haha! But I'm the one in the white vest, this photo was taken literally a few minutes before I dropped my phone in the sea. :( the beach was gorgeous!

Me and one of my best friends, Lauren. I am the one in the wills hoodie, our hair is a bit wind-swept, it was really windy and not that hot! 

On Friday night, that's me. I look really normal, don't I? :/ I was a tad hyper, we were crab fishing (we caught no crabs in the end) I got a bit over-excited when I was on bucket duty, filling it up with water, haha! We are strange girls.

On Saturday, PLEASE IGNORE MY BEACH TOWEL LOL! We was about to take it on self-timer but this kind woman offered to take it, I'm the one in the green polo.  
This is us, on the last night (Saturday Night!) We're on my Nan's front lawn. I'm the one in the white fringe top. That night was the first night I wore my hair down, I hate it so much. I think I look like one of the men off ABBA. I have to cope with it though so it can grow. 
Quick OOTD:
White Fringe/Hippie Top
£8.00 (I Think!)
My Moms

Oh yes, don't judge me. I had to.. another item in my Jack Wills Collection.

What have you been doing this holiday? How have you broken your phone in the past?

Hope you're all well.

Jess X

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jack Wills Haul!


So lately, I've started to become a tad obsessed with Jack Wills and today I have just came back from Bicester with my family and friend Paige and bought some stuff from Jack Wills. Not long ago, I was also in Salcombe where I bought a bit of gear too. I didn't know until today but the Jack Wills store in Salcombe is in fact, the first Jack Wills store that opened, and that is where it all started. So if you have any stuff that says Fore St. Salcombe on it, that's the reason behind it. ;)

I've been going to Salcombe for years, and I gotta admit I never heard that there were other Jack Wills stores across UK until about one or two years ago. I feel quite lucky because I'm going back to Salcombe this Thursday with my friends too. :-)

So, here it all is (Yes, these photos were taken on my bed sheet):

Faircroft Shorts
Bought from Salcombe

Kimlersdon Pen
(Available in Black/Pink, Pink/Navy, Navy/Green, Red/Blue, Purple/Yellow)
Ipswich Compact Mirror
(Available in Pink/Navy, Black Flor, Blu Floral)
Both bought from Salcombe

Kilby Tee
£22 (Although on the website it says £34?)
(Available in Red, Navy, White, Pink)
Bought from Bicester

Harewell Polo (It's jade green but my camera is crappy)
£24 (Can't find the price or item on the website, but checked the reciept)
(From what I remember was available in Green, Blue, Pink, Grey)
Bought from Bicester

The Text

So it is found in the Men's section
Everthorpe Classic Fit Hoodie
£52 (Again, can't find the exact on the website)
Unfortunately I don't know the other colours available, sorry!)
Bought in Bicester



The Label on the back

Yeah, I know its random, but we all loved it and it's perfect for the Summer House we have just built.
Oldbury Cushion
(Again, don't know the other colours, sorry!)
Bought from Bicester.

I love all these items so much. The shorts are so comfy and perfect for the beach when I go down to Salcombe, the accessories are... well they looked pretty so I bought them! The T-Shirt is so comfy, the polo is perfect for the summer, the hoodie is so thick and comfortable - perfect for them chilly nights or winter, and the cushion is so squeezable, it kind of moulds into your shape - it's awesome!

I hope my little Jack Wills Haul has helped some of you in some way. I would also like to point out there is a sale on their website ( so click on the link and have a little look round and see if there's anything you fancy, or pop into your nearest store (unfortunately, my nearest store has been looted and smashed into by these bloody riots, completely disagree with them, grr!)

Wish everyone the best and that no one is affected by the riots across England,

Jess X