Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Sale Primark Haul!

Hey everyone,

As promised here is my haul of everything I get yesterday at Primark in Redditch. The aim was to get an outfit for my best friend's birthday party but I couldn't find anything and instead bought some everyday wear. :--)

These were both in the men's section. I would love to cut the sleeves off them, but I'm really scared I'd wreck them, so I think I'm just going to keep it how it is and wear a zipped hoodie on top or something. 
I really liked the print on both T-shirts so bought them both. 

These were both £8.00

Topshop do ones similar to this Tank top, but a lot more dearer, so I thought I'd go for the cheaper option and get this, haha! I might just wear this with leggings, or something plain as the top is the most eye-catching thing and I don't want too much, so some plain black leggings will do with this top. 

This was only £5.00 - Bargain! 

Just a plain scallop blouse I saw and thought might as well get it, I need some tops. 

This was £5.00

Another blouse I just picked up, I wasn't too sure on the colour, I'm not really into pink girly-girl kind of clothes and the collar is scallop patterned, think this could be great for the summer with shorts, still hesitant whether I like this or not. But hey-ho it was cheap.

It was £6.00

When I first saw this cardigan I loved it, thought it could possibly go with anything, and I didn't try it on, I just bought it straight away. WISH I TRIED IT ON!
This is a size 8 and the sleeves are fairly tight, I wish I got a bigger size like a size 12, even though I'm a size 6-8 just because I love oversized clothes. It is still nice though, and I will wear it.

This was £14.00

Oh yeah, I was amazed by the buttons for some weird reason, so randomly took a picture of the spare one. 

Boots that I thought I could wear with almost anything. 


A hat I bought a while ago, I only wear this when I have my extensions in (which isn't a lot) because with the length of my hair I look weird and my hair just flicks out so I end up looking like a russian hedgehog. Idk. But it's really furry and soft, and if it was reallllllly cold, I would probably wear it to bed, LOL. 

So yeah my haul. As I said: All of these things are from Primark, so if you like them, go get them. I can't believe how cheap they all are, aw gotta love Primark. In the end I finally found a dress that I've ordered online from Miss Guided

For £20.00 I got it in the 'Wine' colour, I'm having a spray tan also so I'm going to look nice and brown, I'll probably take a photo and upload it onto here. 

Here's the link:

Hope you're all well, take care.


  1. Oh wow! I love the white cardigan you posted - I know what you mean about oversized clothes though, I always buy my cardigans a size bigger.


  2. i love your picks! following ya now :) i love band shirts! i should really get more, the only ones i got are pink floyd, 30 seconds to mars, john lennon and the rolling stones :/ haha.
    and i fell in love with the lion shirt x

  3. Thanks, I know I wish I thought of buying it bigger, what a pain!

    Thank you Charlotte! Yeah surprisingly I liked them, I didn't think I would wear them a lot but I can wear them with anything so it's great! Oh yeah, well Primark has loads from The Beatles to Lady Gaga! Same! There is a snow leopard one there too, honestly go and have a look in Primark, I'm so happy with my clothes seeing as how much Primark is hated by people!

    Thanks for commenting both of you :-)

    Jess X

  4. Btw, followed you both back, love both of your blogs!

  5. Wow, I really like your blog! Your so pretty and I love what you picked:-) check out my blog and follow back? thanks xx

    1. Thank you hehe, and yeah sure. Followed!

      Jess X

  6. you look awesome :)
    I love those shoes!

  7. love that dress! great buy! XOXOX