Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spiffing Makeup Tutorials (MY VERSION!)

Recently, my friend Lauren and I watched Zoe and Louise's youtube video called 'Spiffing Makeup Tutorials (i.e. Look your worst) Here's the link:

We found it so funny! We honestly couldn't stop laughing at how serious they were, so we decided to have a go, and it was so good, we were laughing for hours!
I advise you to watch their video before you read on, you'll know what I mean!

We didn't record ours; we just took photos of each stage. 

So this is my completely natural as you can see, I'm really surprised I have the courage to upload this actually!

Lauren started to 'slap on' some nice, oily foundation that didn't match my skin tone.

On my lips too...

 She then put a range of different eye shadow colours on my eyes.

The lines on my forehead and eyebrows are apparently eyelashes, to make my eyelashes look really long. She was going for the housewife look, and wanted some tears, and she also put a cross on me to symbolise Christianity.

 She then went a bit mad on the blusher, giving the look I was embarrassed...

And then gave me some really nice juicy big lips with lip liner and lip stick.

Lauren then get confused, and wanted me to have a beard, she also coloured in my dimple, to 'emphasize' it. LOL. She also coloured in my eyebrows and gave me a 'sexual' monobrow.

She wanted to have the hard-working look, and gave me some bags under my eyes. This is the finished result.

Now it's my turn!

 This is my best friend Lauren, all natural - she looks so good without make-up it's unfair. :(

 I mixed some old dream matte mousse with moisturiser and put literally layers on her face, including lips!
 I then wanted to give her the 'sun-kissed' look, and slapped on a load of bronzer, and put an extra load on her cheeks and nose!

 I then started putting some colours on her eye, up to her eyebrow.

I put more eye shadows on her eye, using a big bold goldy-brown colour at the end!

 As you can see, she is really enjoying herself!
 I then put some gold eyeliner at the end of her eyes and top eyeliner, to make her eyes really eye-catching and bright!

I then put some eye shadows on her lower eyelashes, I coloured (well scribbling) in her eyebrows too.

I then gave her the heart lips look, and put a nice browny colour on her top lip and a bright glossy pink on the lower lip. This is the finished result, looking hot my friend!

This is us together; we both look so gorgeous if I say so myself, all the boys will be stopping us on the street with make-up like this. ;)

I hope our make-up has inspired you and you can do this look at home! It is fairly easy if you follow our steps.

This was one of my make-up wipes when taking it all off.. YUMMY!

I would be so happy if someone commented with some pictures of them looking their worst, and all credit goes to Zoe and Louise for giving us the idea to do this!

Hope you're all well!

Jess X


  1. Ahahahahahahahaha brilliant! Glad you had so much fun! xxxxxxxx

  2. We really enjoyed ourselves haha:-) xxxxxxx