Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jack Wills Haul!


So lately, I've started to become a tad obsessed with Jack Wills and today I have just came back from Bicester with my family and friend Paige and bought some stuff from Jack Wills. Not long ago, I was also in Salcombe where I bought a bit of gear too. I didn't know until today but the Jack Wills store in Salcombe is in fact, the first Jack Wills store that opened, and that is where it all started. So if you have any stuff that says Fore St. Salcombe on it, that's the reason behind it. ;)

I've been going to Salcombe for years, and I gotta admit I never heard that there were other Jack Wills stores across UK until about one or two years ago. I feel quite lucky because I'm going back to Salcombe this Thursday with my friends too. :-)

So, here it all is (Yes, these photos were taken on my bed sheet):

Faircroft Shorts
Bought from Salcombe

Kimlersdon Pen
(Available in Black/Pink, Pink/Navy, Navy/Green, Red/Blue, Purple/Yellow)
Ipswich Compact Mirror
(Available in Pink/Navy, Black Flor, Blu Floral)
Both bought from Salcombe

Kilby Tee
£22 (Although on the website it says £34?)
(Available in Red, Navy, White, Pink)
Bought from Bicester

Harewell Polo (It's jade green but my camera is crappy)
£24 (Can't find the price or item on the website, but checked the reciept)
(From what I remember was available in Green, Blue, Pink, Grey)
Bought from Bicester

The Text

So it is found in the Men's section
Everthorpe Classic Fit Hoodie
£52 (Again, can't find the exact on the website)
Unfortunately I don't know the other colours available, sorry!)
Bought in Bicester



The Label on the back

Yeah, I know its random, but we all loved it and it's perfect for the Summer House we have just built.
Oldbury Cushion
(Again, don't know the other colours, sorry!)
Bought from Bicester.

I love all these items so much. The shorts are so comfy and perfect for the beach when I go down to Salcombe, the accessories are... well they looked pretty so I bought them! The T-Shirt is so comfy, the polo is perfect for the summer, the hoodie is so thick and comfortable - perfect for them chilly nights or winter, and the cushion is so squeezable, it kind of moulds into your shape - it's awesome!

I hope my little Jack Wills Haul has helped some of you in some way. I would also like to point out there is a sale on their website (http://www.jackwills.com/) so click on the link and have a little look round and see if there's anything you fancy, or pop into your nearest store (unfortunately, my nearest store has been looted and smashed into by these bloody riots, completely disagree with them, grr!)

Wish everyone the best and that no one is affected by the riots across England,

Jess X

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