Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Salcombe Holiday & R.I.P Blackberry.


So I haven't blogged in like a week or so because I was on holiday from the 11th August - 15th August. It was so fun.
I know everyone isn't too interested in what I did the whole four days, but I don't really care. Tehe.

Me and my three friends stayed at my Nan's house the whole time, we arrived at 13:15 on Thursday. On Friday we went to the beach and I dropped my phone in the sea as we were leaving, and now it's dead. I'm so upset and annoyed with myself. I have had it less than a month!


On Saturday night, we met these really nice lads, good looking too, unfortunately no pictures with them. That night we also went to a beautiful restaurant called Captain Flints. I had Pizza, nom-nom. :-)
On Sunday we was really sad that we had to leave and left at 18:50 and got home at 22:00.

I miss it so much, the weather wasn't very good, but we went to a different beach every day, and there was no arguments, WOO!

Here is some snap shots:
On Thursday, here is my three friends, we were waiting at our train station, feeling pretty excited!

On Friday, you can not really see us because I had to put the camera on self-timer haha! But I'm the one in the white vest, this photo was taken literally a few minutes before I dropped my phone in the sea. :( the beach was gorgeous!

Me and one of my best friends, Lauren. I am the one in the wills hoodie, our hair is a bit wind-swept, it was really windy and not that hot! 

On Friday night, that's me. I look really normal, don't I? :/ I was a tad hyper, we were crab fishing (we caught no crabs in the end) I got a bit over-excited when I was on bucket duty, filling it up with water, haha! We are strange girls.

On Saturday, PLEASE IGNORE MY BEACH TOWEL LOL! We was about to take it on self-timer but this kind woman offered to take it, I'm the one in the green polo.  
This is us, on the last night (Saturday Night!) We're on my Nan's front lawn. I'm the one in the white fringe top. That night was the first night I wore my hair down, I hate it so much. I think I look like one of the men off ABBA. I have to cope with it though so it can grow. 
Quick OOTD:
White Fringe/Hippie Top
£8.00 (I Think!)
My Moms

Oh yes, don't judge me. I had to.. another item in my Jack Wills Collection.

What have you been doing this holiday? How have you broken your phone in the past?

Hope you're all well.

Jess X

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